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Showers & Tubs

Your Trusted Contractor for Bathroom Plumbing Services

Bathrooms contain most of the plumbing components in your home. So many things can go wrong with your plumbing components when you least expect it.

You can probably fix some minor problems in your bathroom by yourself. However, if you find yourself facing major plumbing issues, it is best to contact our team. We can save you time and money by taking care of the problem efficiently and correctly.

How We Can Help

You don’t have to go back and forth to a home improvement store for parts, and you don’t have to figure out what to do to fix your plumbing problems. We have the expertise and the tools needed for any type of bathroom installation and repair.

If you notice any of the following, you may need to have your shower valve replaced. Don’t hesitate—reach out to Service Now Plumbing & Rooter!

  • Leaking Water on Floors or Around Fixtures
  • Water Fails to Flow Freely
  • Inconsistent Cold/Hot Water Ratio
  • Hissing Sounds Coming From the Shower Fixture
  • Water Pressure
  • Leaking Pipe, Fixtures, or Shower Valves

Our team can also move plumbing pipes and drains if necessary. In addition, we can replace your shower, tub, and faucets.

Shower Valve Replacement

Your shower valve is another component of your plumbing system which is essential to comfort. However, it is also prone to the same issues which cause leaky faucets.

Replacing a shower valve is not something you can easily do by yourself. It is located inside the wall behind the shower handle. Attempting to get to it without the right tools and knowledge may make your problems worse.

To access the shower valve, our plumbing technicians will carefully open the wall. They will then evaluate the area and advise you of the best possible solution.

We Are Here for Your Plumbing Needs

You can rely on us for any tub or shower problem you encounter. Our highly trained and professional technicians will quickly respond to your call and work with you to address your plumbing problems. We will explain your options to you as well. Our only goal is to get your plumbing system back to working order and provide uninterrupted water flow to your showers and tubs.

Take advantage of our FREE ESTIMATE! Service Now Plumbing & Rooter is your local drain cleaning plumbing experts because of our advanced techniques and dedication to our customers! Call us today!